All 39 Indians kidnapped in Iraq’s Mosul killed by ISIS |Breaking News

Here In this blog, we can say about the Mosul from Iraq when India all 39 Indian kidnap in and can kill by ISIS. So this news can very bad for all family of the entire Indian who can kill by the ISIS from the Mosul in Iraq.

All 39 Indians kidnapped in Iraq’s Mosul killed by ISIS:-

The name of all the civilians of Indians that can kill from Isis which can confirm by Swaraj is

Dharmindar Kumaar, Hareesh Kumaar, Harshimranjeet Sing, Kanwalajeet Singh, Malkeet Singh, Ranjeet Singh,

Sonukumar, Sandip Kumar, Manjinder Singh, Gurcharan Singh, Balwant Rai, Roop Lal, Devinder Singh, Kulwinder Singh,

Jatinder Singh, Neesant Singh, Gurdip Singh, Kamalajeet Singh, Gobeendar Singh, Preetapal Sharma,

Sukhwinder Singh, Jasveer Singh, Perveendar Kumar, Balavirnadar Chandra, Surjit Maink, Nanad Lala, and Rakesh Kumar.

Those from Himachala Prades were AmanKumar, Sandip Singh Rana, Inderjit, and Hemaz Raj. While  Samar Tikadar and Khokhanz Sikandar hail from West Bengal,

Santondra Kumar Singh, Bidya Bhusan Tivari, Adalata Singh, SunilKumara Kushawaha, DharmendaraKumar, and Raju Kumar Yadav were from Bihar. Except for Raju Kumar Yadav.

ISIS killed all the Indian very cruirely and in general ways we simply not identify the body. So government agencies uses the DNA to identifies the body of the killed persons.

Except for rajukumar Yadav, all the persons kill by the ISIS can identify by their DNA. According to the ministry of the foreign spokesperson confirm that there are 40 persons can appoint there for some work in Iraq.

the special aircraft carrying all the dead bodies of 38 Mosul work which can shortly kill by the Islamic State of Iraq and seria.


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