Vehicle Digital Number Plate Launched By Dubai

Here In this news, we can say about the vehicle digital number plate can launch by Dubai. This new number plate can include the GPS, transmitters, and digital screens.

This number plate can use by any people can make an accident and then it will inform them what cars, the bike can have accident what are the owner of the bike and it will arrest within 24 hours.

Vehicle Digital Number Plate Launched By Dubai

Vehicle Digital Number Plate Launched By Dubai

In Dubai, When the user can use this number plate can also use to access to their bank of the user to interact with the RTA of Dubai.

When any people can make the broke any rule of the RTA. There may automatically their associate fine cost can cut from the user’s accounts automatically.

Whenever this digital number plate can start trail for the May in 2018. It was very helpful to the driver vehicle because of the many thieves have stolen by any of vehicle and easily can find out the people. Who can steal from the vehicle because of the plates GPS feature it will automatically show the location

When the vehicle is to have arrived and then Dubai police can easy for the thief. When he was currently live and then the police can go and arrested the thief.

This number plate is very useful whenever it can test for trail and when it was a success or not. But this number plate has all information about the vehicle owner and owner can change their number plate.

It was the big problem when created who hack by any other person and it will very danger of any of user of RTA. So This plate is tested but hopes it will very success in future.

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