NASA Can Launch Planet Hunting Satellite TESS

NASA Can Launch Planet Hunting Satellite TESS

Hello Guys, In this news We can say about the NASA’s new satellite can launch for the Planet Hunting Satellite Tess. So Here There is a very important investigation for the NASA can research for the new planet for the universe. What is an available planet in the world?

It can launch TESS satellite for finding new planet can have available in our solar system. It will work for the next two year for the find out the new planet in our solar system.

So It will work in our solar system and go to one side of the moon. When they’re available in orbit into a side of to the moon. It will pull for the orbit whenever our TESS satellite can complete for one orbit.

There are 400 times around can observe and it will 2 lakh brightest nearby stars. There are 4 cameras and can show different sectors by the one day.

It will be tested for the 5 years and there are available for the 13 sections and 27 days for each section are to stare into the solar system.


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