Tiger ‘or’ Akki ‘, How To Do So Easily, Dangerous Stunt Scene | Bollywood News

Tiger 'or' Akki ', How To Do So Easily, Dangerous Stunt Scene | Bollywood News

Tiger ‘or’ Akki ‘, How To Do So Easily, Dangerous Stunt Scene

If we want to make stereo, action and bold scenes with the big stars in Bollywood. Then we think how these stars can easily put their lives in jeopardy and make these Dangerous Stunt scenes very easily.

Drama is one of the few movies in the movies, but when it comes to action, she often assists her body doubles. Body Double is a person who has a copy of the hero and Heroine.

His help can take when there is no need to do stunts or bold scenes. Although these scenes can do very well, so the viewers cannot easily catch which body doubles have used.

Akshay Kumar, who made his debut in Bollywood with the name of Khiladi Kumar, can consider one of the best-fit actors.

Even at the age of 50, Akshay does more of his action scenes in his films, but he often needs a body doubles. Akshay used the body double to do some stunts in the film ‘Chandni Chowk to China’.

Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan is himself shooting to bring his performance in the role. But in ‘Dhoom 3’, when you saw him running a bike, he was not originally Aamir himself. His body double can use in the film’s scene.

Shahrukh Khan does lesser stunts in films. However, the body double used in the recent movie Fan has used. Not only that, as much as the stunts can in the film, Shahrukh can not own his body but can dubb.

Dangerous Stunt Scene

Salman Khan is mostly stunting in his films but does not wear ropes from tall buildings, but the work doubles his body. In ‘Sultan of the movie’ Salman did not spoil one kite, but his body can robb.

John Abraham is considered to be very fit. In the film force, he lifted his own bike. You may stunn to know that the body uses dubbles at the time of stunts.

South Africa stunt performer Darren McLaren has done many dangerous stunts for John Abraham’s Force Force 2 Force.

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