13-15% Return In Dollars From Good Portfolios | India News

13-15% Return In Dollars From Good Portfolios | India News

13-15% Return In Dollars From Good Portfolios

In India, there has been a ruckus-like situation between macroeconomic and macroeconomic factors. And Micro-level is improving if macro-level is depleting. 13-15% Return In Dollars From Good Portfolios.

This will see a downward trend in the market, “said Swanand Kelkar, managing director of Morgan Stanley Investment Management. So They manage the portfolio of Indian stocks of $ 3.5 billion.

In an interview given to Nishant Vasudevan, Kelkar said that if the position in the macro remains strong and continuous improvement in the microscope, the next 12 to 18 months for the market will be constructive. The integrated scores of this interview are as follows:

Looks like a bad duration for the market?

If there was a bad duration for the market, it was the beginning of 2016 to 2018. India has performed relatively well in this period. Then I believe that India will be attracting the attraction in the coming months.

There are two factors of the rally in the emerging market: one is commodities. Then The Countries that have exported commodities lifted from its lower levels have benefited.

The second factor is technology, some names in America and EM are doing well on this front. However, their growth was not as much as last year.

It is not that India has thrown out of the race because of doing something wrong, it is a composition because of it. Now there is a demand that India should tie up with emerging markets.

What kind of returns can investors expect from India?

The year 2017 was an exception. India has registered a 38% growth in the dollar terms. When We are asking our investors to invest for a longer period, India is an economy that can provide returns at the rate of 12 to 13 percent.

If you can find areas that grow even faster than the economy’s growth, such as banking, then your portfolio can show 15-20% revenue growth. Then India’s good portfolio can give 13-15% rate of return on the dollar.

How have you structured your portfolio for this return?

There are plenty of opportunities available for this. Private sector banks, NBFCs, and automobiles and some of the media companies in the media provide some good opportunities.

In addition, there is a recovery on the side of the investment in the economy and we are looking at the huge demand for commercial vehicles. It will continue to provide stable compounding benefits.


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