More Than Four Children Were Rescued In Thailand’s Cave For Six Hours | World News

More Than Four Children Were Rescued In Thailand’s Cave For Six Hours

More than four children were rescued in Thailand’s cave for six hours on Monday. Along with this, eight children have evacuated in two days. However, four children and their coaches has still trapped in the cave. Those who will now be able to take out their efforts. All four children have admitted to the immediate nearby hospital for treatment. The hospital, which had previously rescued the condition of the four, is now better.

After four children have evacuated on Sunday, the operation can stop due to rain, after which the operation has resumed on Monday morning and the swimmers have brought back in the cave. These babies can slowly pull out of the water by wearing two oxygen masks on the face by wearing an oxygen mask on the face.

The process of draining the water from the cave has turned on rapidly, due to which the water level may low. So that the rescue operation was successful. However, between the cave, there are some tunnels that are too narrow and are facing a lot of difficulty in getting them out.

The children expelled from the cave told the doctor that we are very hungry, give chicken rice immediately to eat. So that immediate children’s food has arranged. Thailand has a happy atmosphere with the success of getting children rescued. Like the children can expell, people are starting to chime and celebrate.

Some of the tunnels on the road to the cave are just as much as a meter, praying for children in Thailand’s schools

Children have not allowed meeting anyone except their parents. Children are in the cave and during the rescue, no water or other problem has reported. On Monday, these children can find in the cave, that is, the operation has delayed for one week. And so far eight children have released, while the diver teams will recruit again to take out the remaining five children.

It takes about five to six hours to cut the water of four km. Eight children have evicted so far by cutting this time. For every child’s safety, around two swimmers have kept. Later the operation has further enhanced.

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