About Us

We pull in data from facebook,google+, twitter,linkedin, tumbler and Pinterest and feeds to keep you up to date with what you are influencers are posting.

Our Mission:-

when the all branded networks on the social advertising in 2008 with all social synchronization technology.it combining the all social media to first and the second screen of the real-time methodology. through this our platform of the social synchronization, we may assure that all the combine social accounts to our website are in the security architecture.

Our Plan:-

we bring you the original and comparative the comparatively and comprehensive expert interviews, original research and the general awareness and the news to improve your social sync marketing

Our Vision:-

basically how you should promote and make more visible your website in the global market? it is also an outline of your business strengths and weakness of the social account. when comes with social synchronizing.




facebook pages are the far wider user rather than the twitter pages or all other social media. the allow as to add the product like provide the videos, graphics, photos and with longer descriptions.


google+, in addition, to provide the wider range of facility to their pages functionality rather than the facebook pages.it is also interacting directly with any kind of the platform which it would be permitted since such as the google map and Google AdWords.


twitter provide the platform that allows the companies which promote their product in the limited time as known as the tweet. which should be limited by only 140 characters which appear on the followers and the timelines.they also provide the services which are different from the other same platform provider.

4). Linkedin

LinkedIn, the professional business-related networking site allows the user or companies to create professional profiles themselves as well as their business grew into the international market.

5). Instagram

In Instagram, User is also provided many functionalities like upload their picture, small videos like 60 seconds and follows many other user pictures are to be showed and also proved to tag their own location in uploading picture or videos.there are also provided follow accept request only for the private accounts.

6). Tumblr

In Tumblr can provide many functionalities as same as much other social services but it was provided to for the many adds so most users are used to create their accounts on Tumblr and it was provided for created many adds of blog it was used for to business purpose into the Tumblr accounts.




Gadhiya Jemish b.



Hiren Ghoghari P.